Maglock Barrel System

Proudly crafted in the USA, the Maglock Barrel System stands as a testament to three years of relentless dedication and expertise from our company founder Dan Spence. Meticulously researched, designed, and rigorously tested, every facet of player needs has been tediously considered to bring you the ultimate solution. With the Maglock, we've revolutionized the barrel kit landscape, delivering a comprehensive package that meets and exceeds your expectations. Finally, a barrel system that truly has it all.

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Maglock Technology

Say goodbye to the hassle of unscrewing your barrel on the field or dealing with tedious insert swaps. With our fully Patened Maglock system, changing barrel inserts is a breeze, allowing you to get back into action at lightning speeds, ensuring you're ready before your team even refills air. Plus, in the event of a core sample or paint break, the Maglock enables swift removal of the tip and insert for a quick swab, keeping you in the game while your competition is still figuring out their next move.

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Enhanced Performance

Forged from aircraft grade aluminum and precision machined by none other than your DirtyDanPB team. We use state of the art equipment which allowes the Maglock System to epitomize durability and longevity. Having endured rigorous testing of over 2 years, including an initial prototype surpassing 126,000 shots and enduring over 20 core samples, our kits are engineered to withstand the test of time. Each Maglock kit is equipped with our innovative "tip protection" feature, ensuring unparalleled durability against bunker rub and guaranteeing optimal performance for years to come.

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Porting Done Right

The porting on the Maglock System is meticulously crafted with a keen eye for detail. Our innovative "Double Spiral" porting design not only enhances efficiency but also reduces the sound signature, providing players with a distinct advantage on the field. The unique sound profile of our system has empowered numerous players to execute clutch point-altering plays while remaining undetected, giving them a strategic edge over their opponents.

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All the right sizes

The Maglock inserts are expertly crafted, incorporating high end features in every facet. These patented inserts seamlessly merge the performance of one-piece, full-length barrels into a simple insert system, setting a new standard in paintball innovation by DirtyDanPB. Each insert features an 8.5-inch control bore, with the barrel tip size tailored to the control bore, maximizing air retention behind the paintball and enhancing efficiency. On average, our kit delivers a remarkable 10-15 FPS increase compared to standard barrel kits currently available, and when paired with smaller paintballs, our Maglock System outperforms every other option on the market.

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Upgrade your paintball arsenal with the Maglock Barrel System and unleash the full potential of your marker. Dominate the field with precision, reliability, and performance that's second to none.

This is a pre-order item, expected delivery is 3 months from the date of order. We will keep you updated as your order progresses!

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