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SSC Scythe Trigger (LV2/180R) - All Colors

SSC Scythe Trigger (LV2/180R) - All Colors

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The SSC Scythe Trigger for the CS1 Trigger Mount!
This is our new S profile that is contoured for ultimate comfort!

Made from 6061 Aluminum
Tumbled Finish for the smoothest and softest edges
Made start to finish in Oregon!

Now Available in 6 Colors!
Dust Black, Red, Gold, Blue, Clear, Purple and Raw 6061
Due to the nature of anodizing, we can not guarantee color matching.

CS1 Mount Fits
-Planet Eclipse CS1
-Planet Eclipse CS1.5
-Planet Eclipse CSPro
-Planet Eclipse Gtek 160r (not standard gtek)
-Planet Eclipse Gtek 170r (electro frame only)
-Planet Eclipse Gtek 180r (electro frame only)
-Planet Eclipse Geo4
-Planet Eclipse LV2


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