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S&W M29 5" Metal Revolver- CHROME Electroplated

S&W M29 5" Metal Revolver- CHROME Electroplated

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Even though automatic pistols are more effective, firing a revolver is still a fantastic experience. They have been in many past wars, and some can still be found in war zones today, proving their soundness even after centuries. This Smith and Wesson airsoft revolver is a licensed copy made by Umarex.

The metal parts are electroplated with a bright chrome finish. Of course, as per federal law, this pistol has an orange tip to prevent others from mistaking it for a real firearm. Nevertheless, it operates in a similar fashion as an actual revolver.

The pistol grip will hold a 12g CO2 cartridge. You only have to slide the grip panels back to reveal the designated slot. With a five-inch barrel, this model can hit targets farther away than pocket revolvers. The larger sight radius further contributes to medium-range shooting, and the rear notch is adjustable. This replica chambers six faux cartridges. Each cartridge will hold one BB and is ejected with the rod under the barrel.


  • 6 shots in the cylinder
  • Electroplated bright chrome finish
  • Ergonomic rubber pistol grip
  • Adjustable rear sight
  • Licensed copy
  • Based on the S&W M29 with 5-inch barrel
  • Requires 12g CO2 cartridge
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