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S&W M&P9L Performance Center Co2 Blowback

S&W M&P9L Performance Center Co2 Blowback

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Introducing the S&W M&P9L Performance Center CO2 Blowback Airsoft Pistol by Smith & Wesson - a perfect blend of authenticity and performance. Designed for the airsoft enthusiast who refuses to compromise on realism or performance, this pistol is a testament to Smith & Wesson's commitment to quality.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the pistol boasts a caliber of 6mm and is powered by CO2, ensuring a consistent shooting experience with every pull of the trigger. With a velocity of 380 fps, it's more than capable of holding its own in any airsoft skirmish. The single, semi-auto action ensures rapid firing, while the 14-round capacity means you'll be ready for extended engagements.

Measuring 8.8 inches in overall length, with a 4.5-inch barrel, this airsoft pistol is both compact and formidable. It has an overall depth of 1.3 inches and a height of 5.7 inches, making it easy to handle, yet substantial in feel. Weighing in at 1.675 lbs, it offers a realistic heft that will be appreciated by both novices and seasoned airsoft players.

The pistol's aesthetics are as impressive as its performance. The sleek black finish exudes a sense of professionalism and is reminiscent of the real Smith & Wesson M&P9L. Whether you're an airsoft player looking for a reliable sidearm or a collector seeking an authentic replica, this pistol is sure to impress.

Each purchase comes with the S&W M&P9L Performance Center CO2 Blowback Airsoft Pistol, ensuring you have everything you need to dive right into the action. Trust in the reliability and performance of Smith & Wesson, and elevate your airsoft game to new heights.


  • Compatible with 6mm airsoft BBs
  • Achieves 380 FPS using .20g BBs
  • Utilizes a 12g CO2 cartridge for power
  • Features a 14-round drop-free magazine
  • CO2 storage conveniently located in the drop-free magazine
  • Comes with interchangeable backstraps in small, medium, and large sizes
  • Precision-milled slide for enhanced durability
  • Equipped with a 14mm left-threaded barrel for attachments.
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