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S&W 629 Competitor 6" - CHROME (Pre-order)

S&W 629 Competitor 6" - CHROME (Pre-order)

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Up your airsoft game with the S&W 629 Competitor 6" CO2 Airsoft Revolver by Heckler & Koch—it's a masterpiece in precision and performance. Built to be of similar quality as the iconic N-Frame Size revolvers, this gun has a sleek chrome finish that will help you look like a pro when you're on the field.

All that aside, the 6-inch barrel and 6-round capacity revolver offers two great shooting options: single-action (SA) and double-action (DA) firing modes. Its full underlug design stabilizes the handgun on target, enhancing accuracy and ensuring each shot counts.

The casings you load and reload on the S&W 629 competitor model are 12, and they're meant to give you an easy time during fierce skirmishes. Power is derived from a 12g CO2 cartridge, and it gives the revolver a muzzle velocity force of 385 FPS with 0.20g BBs, designed for your game either indoors or outdoors.

All designed for comfort and control, featuring black rubber grips to ensure an easy hold during the heat of battle, they include excellence in all things performance together with timeless style—perfect for either the seasoned airsoft enthusiast or anybody just starting in the game.


  • N-Frame sized revolver makes it feel like the real thing.
  • Chrome finish for easy maintenance
  • 6-round capacity for ample firepower
  • Versatile with double action (DA) or single action (SA).
  • Stability in my hands. With a full underlug
  • 12 shells included for easy, quick reloading
  • Powered by 12g CO2 cartridges for consistent performance
  • Would have a velocity of 385 FPS with 0.20g BBs.
  • Chrome finish for it to be cool and stylish. Features comfortable black rubber grips
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