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Parabolic Barrel .685/.980

Parabolic Barrel .685/.980

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Phi Barrels feature an 8.6 inch control bore, allowing paintballs to reach their maximum velocity before opening to a precision cut .005 inch step bore eliminating internal bore friction while keeping more air behind the ball for the best efficiency of any barrel design available.

Rather than porting the air perpendicular to the barrel, we cut each port twice to force the air forward. This helps to reduce the sound signature as well as reducing turbulence on the paintball itself. By easing the turbulence, we are able to offer the very tightest of shot to shot consistency available. Not only will this allow you to run your marker closer to field and tournament regulated velocity, but also keeps the Y axis of flight path of each shot as close together as possible.  The forward angle of pressure expulsion also assists with the removal of internal debris while aiding to a stylish profile.

Bore Size: .685/.680

Condition: 9/10

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