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LV/ETEK Pooty Bolt

LV/ETEK Pooty Bolt

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The long awaited and all new Flat Face Pooty LV1, LV1.5, LV1.6, LVR Ego / Etek5 bolt. This bolt works with all LV guns and Etek5 Egos. It does not work with the older Ego and Etek guns.

Ego and Etek users, please search for "Pooty Ego bolt" for that version.

We have had a very high demand for a Pooty Flat face bolt for the LV platform. 

This bolt has been in testing for some time. Many updates have been made up until this point.

This item is for the bolt. You will be using your stock pull pin, spring and plunger.

One of the last updates was the use of a more advanced Delrin AF Blend material. This combination produces a material that has strength, toughness,

dimensional stability and improved wear characteristics over unfilled Delrin that all poppet bolts are made out of.

Condition: 8/10

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