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Infamous Diamond Skull GTEK 180R - Black/Gold

Infamous Diamond Skull GTEK 180R - Black/Gold

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Condition: 9.5/10

Color: Black/Gold

Comes with: 

  • OG Case
  • Spares
  • Lube
  • Manual
  • Allens

The LE custom milled body of the Infamous Diamond Skull GTEK 180R is truly a work of art and a collector's dream. Chiseled 3D facets precisely milled into the body and back cap make this signature marker not only a beautiful masterpiece but a technological innovation with the OP-R Drivetrain

The Planet Eclipse 180R is the latest generation of higher-end markers and boasts several improvements over the 170R . Designed to fill the gap between the 170R and the CS3, the 180R is a medium-high tier paintball marker with a matching price point. Notable improvements include a high-efficiency bolt, improved ergonomics, and better firing capabilities.

180R New Features

  • Infamous LE Signature Diamond Skull Custom Milled Body
  • OP-R Core Drivetrain
  • Double Decoupled Spool Valve Operation
  • Quick-Release Bolt Mechanism
  • Quick Strip Grips
  • Tooless Foregrip
  • Hoseless air Transfer System
  • 120PSI Operating Pressure
  • Cure FT Bolt
  • Microswitch Trigger Operation
  • Blade Trigger Shoe (Removable)
  • 4-Point Trigger Adjustability
  • Twin Micro Ball-Raced Trigger Pivot
  • Light Pipe Break Beam Breech Sensor System
  • Toolless Breech Sensor and Detent Access
  • 6061-T6 Aluminium Construction
  • 3D Machined Body Components
  • SL6 Inline Regulator
  • S63 14.5" Three-Piece Barrel w/0.689” PWR Insert
  • Compatible with all (Optional) PWR Inserts
  • Next Gen MME Electronics Package
  • OLED Graphical User Interface
  • Self-Locating Low-Rise Feedneck
  • Toolless Battery Access
  • Protective Carry Case
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