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Hootz Tanklet - Tiger Eye

Hootz Tanklet - Tiger Eye

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Evoke feelings of confidence, abundance and personal power to your life with our Tiger’s Eye gemstone bracelet. Ideal as a gift for him or her, this energy-infused spiritual jewelry works wonders for the soul and elevates style to the next level. Known to keep energies and vibrations firmly grounded, this solar plexus, sacral and root chakra stone inspires the courage and tenacity required to chase your wildest dreams – whatever they look like.

Our love-charged bracelet is handcrafted by experts and created using only the most durable materials, as well as stones sourced from South Africa. If you’re looking to inspire an extra boost of confidence and abundance, pair with citrine for a powerful crystal combo.

Bracelets are constructed with a durable stretch cord made from single strand polyurethane material, which is made in the USA. This is not your typical multi-cord elastic bracelet found online. Our can last for YEARS if properly cared for.

Each Hootz Bracelet features premium quality materials and is handmade with love and intention by people supporting themselves on their own terms.


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