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HK M27 IAR(VFC) - 6MM - BLACK - GEN3 w/Deans

HK M27 IAR(VFC) - 6MM - BLACK - GEN3 w/Deans

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The new and improved M27 IAR is a fully licensed M4 replica from H&K constructed fully from metal with next-level internals. Whether you're providing cover fire for your teammates or running to the front of the line, the M27 is the competitors choice for fast reliable gameplay. The quad-sided RIS handguard and full length RIS top rail allow for a wide variety of customization options including optic sights and foregrips. The full metal construction of this AEG offers a more accurate and realistic gameplay while providing ample protection against the hardships of airsoft warfare. Players can use the metal adjustable flip-up front and rear sights to quickly and accurately zero in their targets without the need of an additional dot sight or scope. The adjustable polymer crane stock makes transportation a breeze and can easily alter the overall length of the M27 for easier maneuverability in CQB situations. An extra large battery compartment within the crane stock houses a wide range of battery sizes and shapes.

The 400 FPS velocity ensures no enemies are safe, effectively reaching long range targets with power. A specially designed polymer pistol grip provides optimal comfort and stability in all weather conditions. To match the high quality externals, H&K installed the new full metal Avalon ECS gearbox into the M27 with an upgraded MOSFET unit to provide a faster trigger response while protecting vital contact points, and allows the M27 to run on high voltage LiPO batteries. The universal design of this AEG allows it to use standard M4 magazines and most aftermarket internal upgrades. Utilize the adjustable hop-up to account for various wind direction and target range, for the most accurate shot every time. By combining a rugged full metal build with high grade internals, H&K has created an AEG that is sure to resonate with enthusiasts of all play styles.


  • Full Metal Construction
  • Quad-Side RIS Handguard
  • Full Length RIS Top Rail
  • Full Metal Avalon ECS Gearbox
  • Upgraded MOSFET Unit
  • Flip-up Front and Rear Iron Sights
  • Rear Wired - Enlarged Battery Compartment
  • Adjustable Polymer Crane Stock
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