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HK 416 A5 ERG MAG - KWA (Pre-order)

HK 416 A5 ERG MAG - KWA (Pre-order)

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Don't be left out of the normal airsoft game with a magazine that fails to work as expected. The Heckler & Koch 416 A5 ERG Mid-Cap Magazine is sure to get you back in the action and shooting with precision at your opponents. Made to exact standards, it offers great durability for your airsoft games. This magazine is made for the notorious HK 416 A5 ERG rifle with a standard setup of 30 rounds—providing a great balance between reality and on-field convenience.

Designed to be the best-performing mag in the business, the HK 416 A5 ERG Magazine feeds your gun like clockwork, so you get the consistency required to stay ahead on the battlefield. This magazine will give you the staying power and dependability to make sure you are in the game, be it a hard skirmish or tactical simulation.

Complete with ergonomic design and function, this magazine comes in a chic black color that nicely finishes the look of your HK416A5 ERG rifle. Its mid-capacity design allows excellent maneuverability, providing the perfect balance of realism to your skills and functional reloading ability.

The Heckler & Koch HK 416 A5 ERG Mid-Cap Magazine is the epitome of quality and performance; these are innovatively designed with very sturdy material that points towards quality. Whether you're experienced or new to airsoft, any player will definitely be challenged to gain experience and keep fit for the next mission.


  • Mid-cap HK 416 A5 ER magazine
  • 30-round magazine standard, with potential to expand to 120 rounds
  • Designed specifically for use with the HK 416 A5 ERG

Magazine Type:Mid-Cap

Variant Compatibility:HK416



Power Source:Spring


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