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Eclipse S63 Pro Barrel Starter Kit (.689 Insert) - All Colors

Eclipse S63 Pro Barrel Starter Kit (.689 Insert) - All Colors

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The S63 Pro is the most advanced Planet Eclipse barrel system yet! Introducing the Eclipse PWR Inserts and 3-piece construction, the S63 Pro offers exceptional shot consistency, precision and control. Combined with its aggressive styling, reduced sound signature and class-leading flexibility, the S63 3-Piece Barrel System is all the barrel you'd ever need.

The S63 Pro Barrel System construction comprises of 3 main elements: At the front is a precision engineered tip for exceptional accuracy, ported for a reduced sound signature and micro honed for the most consistent shot possible.

Next, the 8.5" Eclipse PWR Bore Control Inserts, available in a range of colour-coded bore sizes to accommodate varying paint sizes and qualities, help reduce breakages in the barrel and loading fractures with its heavily chamfered breech-end opening. Internally it is micro-honed and polished to the highest standard for consistency and accuracy.

Finally, to give the player ultimate control, the S63 Pro incorporates a tactile back section with a replaceable rubber sleeve which are available separately in 5 colours (back, white, tan, red and blue). Its PWR Insert viewing ports, and Autococker quick-threads make barrel insertion and removal, as well as PWR Insert swap outs, as quick and painless as possible.


+ S63 Pro Tip
+ S63 Pro Back
+ Eclipse PWR Insert 0.689

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