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Infamous Murder Machine Trigger Gen 4 (Emek/MG100/EMF100/Etha3M) - All Colors

Infamous Murder Machine Trigger Gen 4 (Emek/MG100/EMF100/Etha3M) - All Colors

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Here it is! The best Emek trigger just got bette.  The 4th Generation Murder Machine now comes with a removable "trigger Shoe".  This is the mech mod you have been looking for. The perfect performance upgrade for all of you mech warriors out there. Fits : EMEK / MG100 / EMF100 / ETHA 3M 

This Gen 4 trigger ups the anty from the stock trigger by adding an all new trigger shoe, carrier bearings, custom skull pin, pre travel setting, post travel setting, actuation point setting, and hot new milling.  The new pin design is tapered and only goes in one way with a custom skull icon milled into the side of it.  This is to provide a secure fit in the gun.  Made from durable ultra-lightweight aircraft aluminum the action on this trigger is smooth and 100% adjustable.  

Gen 4 changes:

  • Wide Body Trigger Shoe included (removable)
  • Longer trigger actuation screw
  • All new fit and finish
  • New customized skull pin

Key Features:

  • Made from aircraft aluminum
  • New custom machined pin included
  • Carrier bearings for smooth travel
  • Post travel adjustment screw
  • Pre travel adjustment screw
  • Actuation adjustment screw
  • Milling designed to remove all extraneous weight
  • Designed and packaged in the USA

 Fits these Planet Eclipse Markers:

  • EMEK / MG100 / EMF100 / ETHA 3M 
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