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Bunkerkings CTRL2 Loader - (All Colors)

Bunkerkings CTRL2 Loader - (All Colors)

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Building on the perfectly-balanced, jam-free performance of it's predecessor, the CTRL2 features an updated drive system designed to increase off-the-break performance by replacing the drive cone with a torque-increasing drive hub. Shoot faster out of the gate and reload every last ball in your pod easier than ever with more room on the interior of the loader.


Includes +20 top shell as standard

Fast reliable jam-proof feeding

Improved feeding performance

Soft on brittle paint

Toolless design

Easily cleanable toolless raceway

Durable glass filled nylon construction

Simple no-programming operation

Lightweight, perfectly balanced design

Multiple size capacity options (OG, +20, +40, +60, +80 upgradable shells)

Multiple drive hub options (ultra-soft finger and firm finger upgradable drive hubs)


Compact Drive Hub Feeding System

Proven Pulse-Free Three-eye Feeding Logic

Increased Bottom Shell Thickness

Stronger Top Shell Retention Lock

Stronger Tray Lock

Back Mounted On/Off Button

Toolless Removable Eye Cover

Quieter Drive Hub Operation

Includes NTR Speed Feed and Dual Spring Ramps

Includes Lid + Spare Speed Feed Finger and Reverse Threaded Drive Screw

220 round capacity

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