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Beretta PMX GBB MAG(KWA) (Pre-order)

Beretta PMX GBB MAG(KWA) (Pre-order)

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Elevate your game with this Beretta PMX GBB 48 Round Magazine. Precision-designed for outstanding performance in your Beretta PMX SMG, this magazine from Beretta is a household name in the world of firearms, ensuring you of quality feeding and readiness to keep on playing.

The magazine itself holds up to an awesome 48 rounds of 6mm Airsoft BBs, meaning that during the heat of battle, you'll be able to stay in the action without your activities being bogged down by constantly reloading your magazine. The solid construction ensures longevity, durable enough even to survive your most violent skirmishes.

Green Gas makes magazine loading quick and easy, with steady propulsion that yields precise, high-performance shots. And that's not all; there's also the fill port O-rings on the magazine for an extra gas-tight seal to ensure leakages don't occur even after long periods of use.

Designed for the Beretta PMX SMG, this magazine is to perfect fit and seamless compatibility with your airsoft gun, allowing full performance capitalization. The Beretta PMX GBB 48-round magazine is always consistent and gives just enough to skirmish in a CQB environment or tactical scenarios.

The Beretta PMX GBB 48-Round Magazine is the ultimate upgrade to your loadout. Available now at Airsoft Station, you'll be experiencing nothing but superior performance and reliability in every skirmish. Get that extra advantage of being fully prepped for the competition with this essential accessory straight from Beretta.


  • Holds 48 6mm Airsoft BBs
  • Compatible with Green Gas
  • Features extra fill port O-rings
  • Designed to fit the licensed Beretta PMX SMG

Magazine Type:Low-Cap

Variant Compatibility:PMX



Power Source:Green Gas


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