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SSC Luxe Super Soft Bolt

SSC Luxe Super Soft Bolt

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Luxe TM40 - X and Shocker Amp Super Soft Bolt!
We have updated their platforms to what it should have been!

-Flat Face which eliminated roll back and better ball stacking in feedneck
-Quieter Shot
-More Consistent
-Shoot the ultra brittle paint!

This will fit in the LUXE X/TM40 PLATFORM as well as the SHOCKER AMP
-Luxe X
-HK A51
-HK Ripper X
-Virtue Ace
-Shocker AMP
-Adrenaline TM40

6061 Aluminum Anodized in racecar red
SSC Super Soft Tip

This bolt and soft tip were entirely made in Oregon!

Condition: 8/10

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