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Shocker AMP - Black

Shocker AMP - Black

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Condition: 9/10

Color: Black

Comes with: 

  • OG case
  • Manual

The Shocker AMP was the first electronic paintball marker in the history of the sport. Through the years, Shocker has consistently led the effort to continue its legacy of making groundbreaking electronic paintball guns with different versions of their markers. The Shocker AMP is an excellent new addition to the lineup of shocker markers with an overhauled bolt system and toolless maintenance that players are raving out.

SP Shocker AMP Features

The all-new shocker AMP comes loaded with new features that propel the marker and its lineage forward.

Mode Switching

Shocker has made it easier than ever to switch between electronic functioning and mechanical functioning. The intuitive two-piece board design makes switching from electronic to mechanical functioning as easy as flipping a switch.

Fast Maintenance

Shocker has made a concerted effort to make the AMP as easy as possible to maintain and clean. The toolless maintenance design makes it easy to keep your marker in top functioning condition. Shocker made this possible by quick frame removal which distributes the electronics for easy access. The Solenoid can also be removed without any tools needed, a feature that Shocker is proud to offer.

Better Efficiency

It’s difficult to imagine how the original Shocker could be improved, but the engineering team made it possible. The Shocker AMP valve and bolt are approximately 20% more efficient than earlier shocker models.

Twist-Lock Bolt

The Shocker AMP comes with a built-in ASA. This unlocks the bolt to allow for quick and toolless on-field maintenance if the need ever arises. 

Gentle Bolt Mechanism

With better efficiency comes improved bolt function at a feather-light 110psi. Regardless of whether you’re using the marker in mechanical or electronic mode, the Shocker AMP is more gentle on paint than nearly any other marker. 

Water Resistance

The Shocker AMP is built to withstand the demands presented by any weather conditions. The panels are built with extra seals and other waterproofing to keep the electronics dry and functioning well.


In addition to all the functional improvements, the Shocker team has improved the foregrip and other ergonomic aspects of the marker. This improves shot stability and enhances your grip on the marker.

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