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Planet Eclipse Project G CS3 - Gold

Planet Eclipse Project G CS3 - Gold

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Condition: 9.5/10

Color: Gold

Comes with:

  • OG case
  • Spares
  • Lube
  • Manual
  • Allens
  • Extra bolt

If Planet Eclipse didn’t already set the bar high with the CS2 Paintball Marker, the Planet Eclipse CS3 blows the competition out of the water. This cutting-edge marker features the latest in paintball technology so you can dominate the field and overpower your opponents. If you’re looking to level up your paintball game, check out the all-new CS3 marker from the experts at Planet Eclipse. 

Planet Eclipse CS3 OP Core Drive Train

The new OP Core drive train integrates next-level aspects of efficiency and consistency while retaining the reliability Planet Eclipse markers are known for. The Fully Double Decoupled (FDD) drive and auto dwell dynamics (ADD) poise this marker on the cutting edge of the paintball industry, delivering players a marker they can depend on. 

The sub-100 PSI operating pressure kicks less, minimizing the wear and tear on both internal components and helps your air go farther. The smooth three-stage acceleration promotes higher airflow for more consistent shots straight out of the gate. 

Planet Eclipse CS3 Ergonomics

Handling can make or break a paintball marker. Planet Eclipse developers took this into account when they redesigned the CS3’s grip to include a higher hand position and longer grip pitch. Poised forward to face the action head-on, the marker retains the comfort and tactility Planet Eclipse loyalists are used to. 

To increase the functionality, ergonomics, and overall style of the CS3 marker, Planet Eclipse also reevaluated the grips. Split into two pieces, these new wraparound grips don’t require any tools to remove. The sealed design prevents any paint or water from entering the grip, where the precious modular marker electronics (MME) are housed.

Planet Eclipse CS3 Adjustable Trigger

Holding the marker in your hand is one thing but being able to effectively and efficiently pull the trigger is another. That’s why Planet Eclipse incorporates a five-point adjustable trigger to give you total control over your shots. Tune the trigger in for effortless action or give yourself some time to dial in your shot. 

Planet Eclipse CS3 Barrel

Style and performance meet in an effortless three-piece combination with the S63 Pro barrel system. Each section features a honed aluminum body with aggressive styling and dynamic features. Both front and rear sections meld seamlessly with the marker to continue the striking design, while the various PWR inserts available (sold separately) help you tune your barrel to the exact paintballs you’re using. 

Planet Eclipse CS3 connectivity

The modular marker electronics (MME) within the CS3 incorporate several cutting-edge features. These include a BLE Bluetooth module, an upgraded comms board, and the ability to connect to the E-Portal Lite app for further tuning. Maintaining and servicing the CS3’s computer system is easy with the MME package. 

Planet Eclipse CS3 Overpower Everything Ethos

Aggressive styling, dynamic components, and optimized internals aside, dominating the field is all about the technology at your disposal. With the brains and brawn of the CS3 platform, you can play harder and smarter. Overpower your opponents with the speed, accuracy, and efficiency this marker commands. Up your paintball game to the next level with the next generation of markers hungry for victory.

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