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PE CS2 - Custom

PE CS2 - Custom

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The Planet Eclipse Geo CS2 Paintball Gun is loaded with all new features and an appearance that changes the game. Extensive milling changes to the body and frame make the CS2 lighter and more compact than ever before. By incorporating a new frame and shaving material to provide a sleek streamlined look, the CS2 is able to save 24g when compared to its predecessor, the CS1.5.

An innovative new design from Planet Eclipse is the tool-less two-piece grip system that features a locking design. Simply move the switch and open up the grips for easy access to the board. Coupled with a newly designed tool-less bolt system, this is one of the easiest guns on the market to maintain.

The most noticeable design change can be seen in the GP Core Drivetrain. With the GP Core drivetrain, the Planet Eclipse Geo CS2 achieves an operating pressure of just 110psi. With such a low operating pressure, the Geo CS2 paintball gun is capable of shooting the most brittle of tournament paints during the worst weather conditions without breaking a single ball! By reducing the operating pressure to the lowest it has ever been the Geo CS2 produces the smoothest feeling shot in a paintball gun. This gun literally shoots “laser beams” of paint!

 Condition: 8/10

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