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HK Orbit GTEK 180R - Purple/Teal

HK Orbit GTEK 180R - Purple/Teal

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Condition: 9/10

Color: Purple/Teal

Comes with: 

  • OG Case
  • Spares
  • Lube
  • Manual 
  • Allens

For players with aspirations of greatness. One day stepping onto the field of Champions and performing on the biggest stage in competitive paintball. Choosing the right paintball gear is vital. Without a doubt, the most crucial piece of kit is the marker. And to truly succeed on the path to greatness, choosing a marker that ticks every box possible is essential. The Gtek R line gives players this. A level of firepower, reliability, and support that is unmatched at this price. The 160R changed the game. The 170R dominated the game. And the 180R is about to turn the game on its head.

Performance. Stability. Ergonomics. Precision.

Gtek 180R.


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