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Dye DM 10 - Black/Silver

Dye DM 10 - Black/Silver

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Condition: 8.5/10

Color: Black/Silver

Comes with: 

  • OG case
  • Spares
  • Manual

Professional paintball shooters and advanced hobbyists are sure to enjoy the Dye DM9 paintball marker. It is the smooth, quiet, no-recoil paintball gun that you'd expect from Dye. This gun weighs just under 2 pounds and is an all-in-one product that packs in a bevy of features.

The Dye DM9 paintball gun has an Ultralight .45 grip frame that has been ergonomically designed for comfort. The two-piece, 14-inch, Ultralight barrel attaches with standard autococker threads. The Dye DM9 paintball marker uses compressed air or nitrogen gas for operation and has a Reach trigger that is completely adjustable. You can position both the angle and reach from the outside of the gun. As an advanced gun, the Dye DM9 has two regulators. The Hyper3 regulator has a Sticky Grip sleeve that makes it easy to both attach firmly and remove. The regulator has a smaller diameter than many other guns, which forces a higher rate of flow of gas. This allows you to set the pressure more precisely and in finer increments, giving you more control of the velocity with which the paintballs are ejected. The second regulator is the micro low-pressure regulator. This takes the pressure from the Hyper3 and further reduces it before it hits the paintball. This feature allows the user to achieve better shot consistency.

The Dye DM9 paintball marker uses a no-rise lever-lock clamping feedneck to run the paintballs through. The clamping mechanism makes it easy to attach, and the no-rise profile gives a more compact and sturdy attachment. The mechanism of the Dye DM9 paintball marker is the one-piece Fuse bolt. This paintball gun uses a spool valve bolt system and operates at a relatively low 145 psi, which has several advantages. It gives a smoother action and creates less shot bounce. It also produces more efficiency in the airflow, meaning that you get more time per canister of gas. Even at this low psi, the Dye DM9 produces a velocity of 285 feet per second. The Auto Chop Eye, or ACE, system created by Dye for their paintball guns replaces the eye plates. The ACE system is completely internal and cleans itself. It ensures that every paintball is securely seated in the detent before the gun can be fired. This prevents the chopping that wastes paintballs and creates a mess inside your gun. The detents on the DM9 Dye gun are very flexible and durable. This gun can fire at a rate of 30 balls per second.

Dye paintball guns have a heads-up display. This allows you to see critical data about your paintball gun without having to take your eyes off the field of play. The display features a bright LED display that is powered by a 9V battery. The Dye DM9 is the choice of professionals because it is light, fast, and accurate. It is also almost silent, so your opponents will not hear you even when you fire a shot. The Dye DM9 paintball marker also has no recoil. Its software is legal for prestige tournament operators including PSP, NPPL, Millennium, and NXL. With a Dye paintball marker in hand, you'll be ready for the next tournament.

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