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CS1 - 187 custom anodized

CS1 - 187 custom anodized

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Color: 187 custom anodized - Red, Black, Silver, Green

Condition: 8.5/10

Comes with:

  • OG case
  • Spares

The CS1 signals the dawn of a new era for the Eclipse Geo line.

Not just a facelift of a previous generation but a complete rework of the platform. Every facet scrutinized. Every aspect deliberated. From the ergonomics to the electronics, reliability to maintenance, and performance to aesthetics, the engineers at Planet Eclipse have left no stone unturned in that elusive quest for perfection.

The result? A radical departure from what came before.

The trigger has also been reworked as a 2-piece design. Still running on widely spaced dual ball races, all trigger stops are now hidden so that no screws strike external metalwork leaving a far cleaner look. The CAD for the trigger shoe will be made available open source for those wanting something different, so they can design and make their own.

As with all Eclipse markers, one of the primary objectives and design criteria has been to make the CS1 as easy to maintain as possible. It’s taken a lot of time and hard work to achieve, but at last the CS1 offers elegant hoseless design without compromise to reliability, ease of maintenance or teching.

The CS1 utilizes a new interface between the electronics in the frame and those mounted to the body, such as the breech sensor and the solenoid. Gone are the plug-in wire-type connections, replaced instead by edge-mount sprung terminals as used in mobile military telecommunications devices to provide reliable and durable connectivity. This type of interface allows the body and frame to be separated without the need to remove the grips or any of the electronics. Simply remove the two hidden frame screws and the frame and body separate effortlessly. This allows quick and easy disassembly to aid with rapid diagnosis and repair in the unlikely event of an internal issue.

The CS1 has been years in the making. Thousands of hours of design. Many thousands more of testing. To get to what you see before you. It really is a new beginning for the Geo. One we know you’ll enjoy exploring and discovering.

We are proud to present to you, the CS1.


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