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Brown LV1.6 Bolt

Brown LV1.6 Bolt

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The long awaited and all new Flat Face Pooty LV1, LV1.5, LV1.6, LVR Ego / Etek5 bolt. This bolt works with all LV guns and Etek5 Egos. It does not work with the older Ego and Etek guns.

Condition: 9/10 


  • Shoot the most fragile paint
  • Delrin AF Blend Material
  • Faster eye readings
  • Higher Feet per second
  • Lower HPR settings
  • Lower LPR settings
  • Quieter shooting gun
  • No air and less sound coming back at your face
  • less breach marks
  • Lighter moving mass for higher Shot Per Second
  • High end bolt materials
  • Less bolt breach marking and drag
  • Future pooty insert upgradability

Bolt Details:

  • Advanced Delrin AF Blend material
  • Flat face extreme High flow bolt face (first of its kind)
  • Long ramped internal insert for better air flow with oring sealing for no internal blow back
  • Valve and breach sealing o-rings
  • Non needed bolt material removed (Less breach rub and drag) Our classic Poppet bolt mod
  • 2 piece design (shell and insert)
  • Future Pooty insert upgradability


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